Brain to Market Summer School!

Marta Malolepsza

Event & Communication Manager

Table of Contents

Our scientists are at the Institut du Cerveau in Paris, where they are participating in the Brain to Market Summer School 2023, combining neuroscience with the basics of entrepreneurship. Throughout the week, they will be working in teams to create innovative solutions related to Alzheimer’s disease.

On the second day, they learned the basics of entrepreneurship – how to secure funding for project development and what solutions are in demand in the market.

The next stage is team collaboration. Already on Friday, each group will present their innovative ideas on how to help patients affected by Alzheimer’s disease and their families, but we’ll keep the details secret for now 😊.

Additionally, our scientists participated in a meeting with Young Scientists working at the Paris Brain Institute. There was pizza, discussions about science, and above all, an excellent opportunity to establish new contacts.

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