Brain to Market Summer School 2023

Young Investigators trained at the Institut du Cerveau in Paris. During the week-long school entitled Brain to Market Summer School 2023, combining neuroscience with the basics of entrepreneurship. Throughout the week, they worked in teams to create innovative solutions related to Alzheimer’s disease.

On the first day of the training, they had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease, learned about the latest trends in research on the detection and treatment of Alzheimer’s. The following day, they learned the basics of entrepreneurship – how to secure funding for project development and what solutions are in demand in the market.

Projects were supervised by specialists in the field of neurobiology and marketing. Young Investigators had the opportunity to participate in individual training sessions with each of the mentors.

In addition to scientific activities, training participants also had numerous opportunities to establish new contacts, including at a meeting of Young Investigators working at the Paris Brain Institute.

On the last day, each of the 8 groups had the opportunity to present their project to the jury. The committee assessed, among other things, whether the researchers correctly defined the problem they chose, the scientific foundations of their idea’s implementation, and the market analysis. Each group had only 10 minutes to present their proposed solution, and then they had to face a series of probing questions from the jury. Among the solutions proposed by the teams were ideas for applications to improve patient communication with medical caregivers, interactive safe homes for patients and their families, and proposals for new methods of early Alzheimer’s disease detection. We are also pleased to inform you that the project of the group where Karolina Cierluk worked took first place in the competition.

From Łukasiewicz-PORT the following Young Investigators participated in the training:

Karolina Cierluk, Jakub Chwastek, Olga Pietrzyk, Müzeyyen Uğur, Ewa Mrówczyńska

Brain Energy Metabolism Course

Out Young Investigator Paweł Hanus attended the course “Brain Energy Metabolism”. Course took place in San Servolo Island in Venice where for one week leaders of the glia research reviewed the most salient features emerging from recent studies on cellular and metabolic bases of neuronal-glia metabolic crosstalk and coupling. Phenomenons such as astrocyte-neuron lactate shuttle discovered by members of the faculty of the course changed perspective on brain energy metabolism and are crucial for understaning link between energy expenditure and fuctional activity of the brain. During the course every speaker gave broad insight into metabolic processes in the brain mainly focuing on one of the major glia cell type – astrocytes. Not only basic science problems were takled, but recent strategies to target some of the neurodegenerative diseases were discussed during the course with scientist cooperating with pharma industry.

Course helped Pawel to understand inventing metabolic pathway based drug targeting, which was shown on impressive blood-brain barrier in vitro model made by Giles Hardingham. 


SAME-NeuroID Theoretical Workshop | in vitro platform

Workshop entitled „ SAME-NeuroID Theoretical Workshop | in vitro platform” took place at the Paris Brain Institute (ICM) and lasted three days (April 11-13, 2023). Łukasiewicz Research Network – Polish Center for Technology Development was represented by Agnieszka Krzyżosiak (speaker), Anthony Kischel, Ewa Mazurkiewicz, Ewa Mrówczyńska, Joanna Sadlak, Karolina Cierluk (participants). 

The theme of the Workshop was an application of induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSCs) to model biological basis of neuropsychiatric disorders. 

As an introduction to the workshop, the goals and the schedule of Horizon Europe Twinning project SAME-NeuroID has been presented by Agnieszka Krzyżosiak to the participants. 

During Session 1, invited experts from institutions cooperating within the Horizon Europe Twinning project presented theoretical aspects of iPSCs implementation in NeuroResearch based on their research and experience. 

Session 2 and 3 of the workshop included theoretical guidelines for the handling and differentiation of iPSCs into neurons, astrocytes, neuron-astrocyte co-culture, and adherent cortical organoids. The protocols were presented by experts from Erasmus University Medical Center (EMC). Furthermore, the session 2 and 3 included a discussion of tips, technical details, and troubleshooting that will be definitely supportive in the protocol’s implementation at Łukasiewicz – PORT. 

Participation in the workshop was also an opportunity to visit Stem Cell Core Facility of Paris Brain Institute (ICM) and networking with other participants of the Workshop.



Cajal Advanced Neuroscience Training

 Young Investigator Katarzyna Terejko attended the course ‘Neurovascular Function in Health and Disease’ at the Bordeaux School of Neuroscience in Bordeaux, France, from March 20 to April 7, 2023.

The neurovascular unit is a crucial component of the brain that consists of vascular cells, glial cells, and neurons. Its primary role is to regulate the supply of blood flow to the brain (cerebral blood flow) and maintain the integrity of the blood-brain barrier. When the neurovascular unit malfunctions, it can lead to severe conditions like dementia, cerebral ischemia (restriction of blood supply to the brain), or the formation of brain edema (accumulation of fluid in the brain). This advanced experimental course aimed to provide essential knowledge and practical experience in studying the neurovascular unit. It covered important techniques such as high-resolution imaging in vivo (2-photon imaging) and in vitro, MRI, and the use of mouse models to simulate cerebrovascular diseases. Additionally, the course emphasized the significance of data reproducibility and open science in research.



Senior Staff Training

On March 16th 2023 took place the Senior Staff Training titled “How to improve successful participation in European R&I funding programmes” dedicated to preparing projects for competitions organized as part of Horizon Europe. The invited expert – Prof. Lucyna Woźniak, Vice-Rector for Research Strategy and International Relations, Medical University of Lodz, was our expert and lead Q&A session. We invited all Leaders of the Research Groups in Łukasiewicz – PORT to participate and share their concepts for the new projects.


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