In vivo

Data Analysis

Improved approaches to data collection and analysis in investigating mental disorders

Animal studies are irreplaceable in investigating the relationship of dysfunction of specific brain microcircuits to behavioural manifestations of mental disorders. Animal models have suffered in the past from oversimplified extrapolation of observations in model systems to human-specific traits.

However, the emergence of tools for quantitative and automated measure of traits can overcome the influence of bias originating from experimentator or specific approaches to data collection and/or analysis. A number of devices measuring specific behvaioral deficits were employed by consortium members.

modern research

Mission to understand social behavior in psychiatric disorders

Within SAME-NeuroID, we will focus on experimental tools for measuring social behaviour, since deficits in this trait are a shared hallmark of various psychiatric conditions, such as autism spectrum disorders, depression and schizophrenia. Under the current collaboration, we will optimize a simple, affordable and efficient system for unbiased monitoring social behavior in rodents.

Our setup will enable label-free registration of multiple animals in the home cage, followed by artificial intelligence-based analysis of complex behaviors. Crucial paramaters necessary for streamlining the process will be validated in wild-type and genetically modified animals of both genders, in order to facilitate broad adoption of the toolbox.

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