Łukasiewicz Research Network – PORT Polish Center for Technology Development

Witold Konopka

PhD – Principal Investigator, Head of Neuroplasticity and Metabolism Research Group from March 2021.  His main interest is in brain-driven eating disorders – from neuropsychiatric disorders such as Anorexia nervosa to the pandemic of the modern world – obesity. He studies the precise mechanisms that regulate peripheral metabolism by the brain.
His research focuses on how neurons modify their activity in response to both internal and
external signals.

Role in the project: Coordinator of the SAME-NeuroID

Michał Ślęzak

PhD – Principal Investigator, Head of Astrocytes Biology Research Group. The main focus is the role of astrocytes in neurophysiology and neuropathology. Combines advanced genetic manipulation of astrocytes with state-of-the-art methods to visualize the effects of interventions on metabolic and synaptic function of astrocytes in vitro and circuit-specific behavioral phenotypes relevant to psychiatric disorders.

Role in the project: Coordinator of Twinning research agenda at Łukasiewicz – PORT

Michał Malewicz

PhD – Director of the Life Science & Biotechnology Center, Head of Genome Dynamics Research Group. He conducts interdisciplinary research in the field of biological sciences, biotechnology and molecular medicine. The main areas of interest are DNA repair mechanisms, mutation fixation processes and evolution of the genome structure.

Role in the project: Leader of interdisciplinary research

Tomasz Prószyński

PhD – Principal Investigator, Head of Synaptogenesis Lab from February 2020. He is interested in modeling neuropsychiatric disorders in mouse models and in cultured cells. His studies aimed at understanding the mechanisms regulating the formation and organization of synapses in the central and the peripheral nervous systems and their aberrations in disease. His research focuses on the function of the Angiomotin family of proteins in the brain.

Role in the project: Leader of interdisciplinary research

Agnieszka Krzyżosiak

PhD – Principal Investigator, Head of the Laboratory of Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration. She is interested in understanding how aged cells get prompt to neurodegeneration. She investigates the protein quality control pathways in human-relevant in vitro models as well as in vivo for improved translatability of research.

Role in the project:In vitro” task supervisor

Bartosz Zglinicki

PhD – Research Engineer, Post-doc. He is interested in automation of scientific tools and processes and in the future intersection of machine learning and science. In Twinning, he focuses on establishing a “Social Box” solution for reliable and unbiased analysis of more complex, animal social behavior.

Role in the project:In vivo” task supervisor

Katarzyna Kowal

PhD, Eng. – PORT Head of the Technology Transfer, Areas of expertise and interest include materials science, biomedical engineering, biotech and deep tech developments. She is responsible for managing the technology transfer division. Her work focuses on managing activities required to protect the Intellectual Property generated at PORT and supporting the processes of the implementation of the research ideas to the market, developing business-researchers network and promoting the entrepreneurial attitude among the staff members.

Role in the project: Technology Transfer

Beata Lubicka

International Project Acquisition, EU Research and Innovation Programmes. Polish-American postgraduate studies at the University of Lodz, Faculty of Management in the field of commercialization of innovative projects and new technologies. Former manager of the Regional Contact Point in the 5th and 6th Framework Programs at the Wrocław Center for Technology Transfer of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology.

At Łukasiewicz – PORT supporting projects financed by national FNP, NCN, NCBiR and international programmes; framework FP7, H2020 and HE – Twinning Pathfinder, ERC Adv and Stg.

Role in the project: Management and Administration

Marta Malolepsza

Event Coordinator who ensures the widest visibility of SAME-NeuroID project. She is responsible of advertisement of project activities and results; distribution the outputs as broadly as possible; helps building a network of commercial and academic partners through the organization of seminars on project topics and two editions of the ‘PORT for Health: Neuroscience’ conference bringing together leaders in the field.

Role in the project: Event and Communication Coordinator

Ewa Mrówczyńska

PhD – Senior Research Engineer, Postdoc. She has experience in investigating the mechanisms underlying the peripheral nervous system development during embryogenesis using in vitro and in ovo models. Being a team member of the SAME-NeuroID project, she is responsible for the implementation of standardized in vitro assays at Łukasiewicz-PORT, as a research platform for understanding the complex biology of neuropsychiatric disorders.

Role in the project:In vitro” task researcher

Bertrand Dupont

PhD – Technology Audit and Pre-incubation Advisor. He has in-depth knowledge and experience in intellectual property, transfer of technology and commercialization. He obtained a PhD in pharmacy and pharmacology from the “University of Bath” in England in 2015. His previous work experiences include: Patent Analyst in the MedTech startup group: Passio group in Bydgoszcz, “Business Solutions Consultant” for the international company: Comarch Healthcare, and Innovation Broker at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, responsible for Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz.

Role in the project: Technology Audit and Pre-incubation Advisor

Paris Brain Institute (The Institut du Cerveau – ICM)

Bassem Hassan

PhD – Scientific Director

Role in the project:

Member of the Steering Committee

Geraldine Gouzer

Director of Scientific and Medical Affairs

Role in the project:


Cristina, De Lemos

ICM Program manager

Role in the project:


Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry

Mathias Schmidt

PhD – Research Group Leader.

Role in the project:

Member of the Steering Committee

Miriam Lorenz

EU Consultant in MPI

Role in the project:

MPG Project Contact

Erasmus MC

Steven Kushner

PhD – Full Professor

Role in the project:

Member of the Steering Committee

Dr. Femke de Vrij

PhD – Associate professor

Role in the project:


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