This is the call for doctoral students and post-docs in the fields of AI, neuromedicine, medical engineering, design, and business development from Wrocław Universities to participate in a three-day workshop aimed at advancing knowledge in neurological sciences. 
Join a group of young researchers, select one of the 6 specified topics that appeals to you:
  1. Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s detected by pupil movements? The future is now!
  2. A deep learning AI avatar based on a brain-powered device for nutrition and healing through recreation
  3. Streamline lab work and much more. Monitor cells and animal experiments with your mobile phone
  4. A revolution to adapt the macro-scale imaging methods used in astronomy to the micro-scale used in life sciences
  5. A tool to help overcome social media addiction – a 21st-century phenomenon that is both a blessing and a curse
  6. Innovative early detection of Parkinson’s disease and related disorders automatically using AI imaging
Collaborate with peers representing diverse backgrounds and work together with the authors of the ideas to collectively develop solutions,
discuss the rationales for solutions in neuroscience with scientists, clinicians, patient organizations, business, and technology experts, who will be present during the workshop and compete for a prize: a token for a selected course up to 1000 euros.
If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible: +48 725259035 
Why to join Neurohack on 18th-20th Nov. 2024 at the Campus Pracze Łukasiewicz – PORT? 
  • Network with diverse young researchers to brainstorm and collaborate within an international setting; Paris Brain Institute, ERASMUS MC, Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry
  • Engage directly with industrial experts who will provide you feedback and valuable insights.
  • Enhance your pitching skills. 
  • Chill out during our fantastic social events in Wrocław.
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Neurohack Terms and Conditions – LINK

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