We meet in Cracow!

Marta Malolepsza

Event & Communication Manager

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Several leaders of the SAME-NeuroID project met at the Neuronus 2022 Neuroscience Forum in Cracow, Poland. Dr. Mathias Schmidt gave an insightful Keynote Lecture on the influence of genetic and environmental factors on stress resilience. During the meeting, Dr. Michał Ślęzak chaired the session „Astrocytes”, Dr. Agnieszka Krzyżosiak chaired the session „Mitochondrial Dysfunctions in Neurological Disorders”, while Dr. Bartosz Zglinicki gave a talk „Simplified approach to analyze data from automated T-maze and to characterize behavior with deep learning”.

Valuable meeting

In the energetic atmosphere of this vivid meeting, our scientists, led by Dr. Witold Konopka, discussed the SAME-NeuroID research strategy with Dr. Schmidt and other neuroscience leaders such as Dr. Florian Engert (Harvard University), Dr. Valery Grinevych (University of Heidelberg) and Dr. Suzana Herculano-Houzel (Vanderbilt University).