We are waiting for you!


We are waiting for you!

Recently we conduted two seminars to launch our NeuroHack iniciative and call for action – we’re looking for Young Investigators to join us at the Neurohack event. 

NeuroHack was announced by Bertrand Dupond during the presentation on 28th February 2024 at PORT.

On 11th March 2024 at our Institute, Michał Ślęzak and Agnieszka Krzyżosiak and Bertrand Dupont, led the webinar for researchers from all four Partner Institutions, during which they presented the scientific focus od SAME-NeuroID projecy and aim of the NeuroHack event.

NeuroHack is a three-day event addressed mainly to PhD students and post-docs who have an idea for an innovative product or solution developing the latest knowledge in the field of neurobiology. The workshops will be held in the form of a hackathon, which means that participants will be divided into teams, and their task will be to develop a product or solution submitted as an idea for implementation.

For more information about NeuroHack and to download the One-Pager template, visit the SAME-Match-Treat website.



The video recording from the seminar


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