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LECTURES Prof. Jakub Włodarczyk

Stress resilience is an ability of neuronal networks to maintain their function despite the stress exposure. In Prof. Jakub Włodarczyk’s study, he and his team investigated whether stress resilience is an actively developed dynamic process in adult mice. In order to assess the resilient and anhedonic behavioral phenotypes developed after induction of the chronic unpredictable stress, scientists  quantitatively characterized the structural and functional plasticity of excitatory synapses in the hippocampus using a combination of proteomic, electrophysiological, and imaging methods. 

On 15th June  2023, as part of the SAME-NeuroID project, we hosted prof. Jakub Włodarczyk, Professor at the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland, head of the Laboratory of Cell Biophysics, who gave a lecture entitled “The molecular fingerprint of stress resilience”.

Jakub Włodarczyk heads the Laboratory of Cell Biophysics. The main field of his interest is aberrant synaptic plasticity underlying stress related disorders and stress resilience. He studies structural and functional synaptic modifications regulated by posttranslational modifications. He develops and employs novel imaging based techniques and mass spectrometry methods to assess the reorganization of activity patterns accompanied by local volumetric and molecular changes at the synapses.

The meeting was part of the SAME-NeuroID project funded by the Horizon Europe program.



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